Osage River - Paddlefish

My 50lb Paddlefish!Anthony Ford of Catfishingguide.com is the guy to call (or email) if you are looking for an exciting day (or week) of Paddlefish snagging. You can find more about Anthony on my Guides I’ve Used Page. Anthony is based in Warsaw, Missouri; which is centrally located in Missouri just below Truman Dam. He fishes primarily the Osage river which runs from below Truman Lake to Lake of the Ozarks. This is prime Paddlefish waters. Check out my pictures of this great paddlefish trip!

Anthony took my friend Jeff and I on a rainy cold early April day. He was a complete trooper and had a great attitude. As it was the first time for Jeff and I, we appreciated Anthony’s patience and willingness to teach us. He had incredible equipment and a totally kicking custom built boat which was as stable as any I’ve ever been on.

Anthony charged us $150 each for a FULL day of fishing. This included everything except food and drinks. We used his boat and his gear. Jeff and I were originally going to try to go it alone, which would have meant buying our own gear and renting a suitable boat. Doing this on our own would have cost us much more than Anthony charged us, PLUS with Anthony we actually caught fish! After doing it, I’m not so sure Jeff and I would have caught anything if it hadn’t been for Anthony’s tutelage.

I highly recommend spending a day with Anthony. If you haven’t tried paddlefish snagging, I’d venture to say you couldn’t find a better way to spend $150. Anthony’s specialty is catching big catfish (flatheads and blues) with rod and reel. He writes for several publications and routinely does seminars/training and produces videos for Bass Pro Shops. I can’t wait to spend another day with Anthony. Since Paddlefish season is closed until March 15, my next trip with Anthony will be catching BIG catfish.

Thanks Anthony for a great day of fishing!

Also, check out my Fishing Blog & my Missouri Blog!


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