Alaska - Bear and Salmon

Alaska Black Bear Hunt PictureFor even more about this trip, use my Alaska Bear Hunt Quick Links Guide

For some great photos of my Alaska trip, check out my Alaska Photo Album or look at my Bear Hunt Pictures.

Travis Baker at Cabella’s Outdoor Adventures booked this hunt for me. After I had paid my $7100 to Cabellas, they put me in touch directly with the outfitter – Keegan McCarty of Ocean Point Adventures. My first conversation with Keegan was really exciting. He got me really pumped up about the hunt. He was excited about me bringing my son, Caleb.

I told him that I had been a little disappointed that Travis, at Cabellas, had recommended that I hunt with a rifle. I was originally hoping to bow hunt the first 3-4 days. Travis had recommended against it because, as he said “these are big bears and they are extremely hard to kill. Wound one and your hunt is over.”

Keegan immediately set my mind at ease. He told me that if I wanted to hunt with a bow, bring my bow. He would do his best to get me close. In fact last year he got a handgun hunter to within 20 yards – which resulted in the harvest of a 7’+ black bear. Keegan sent me a list of what to bring – which did differ from the list that Cabellas had already sent me. I learned an important lesson: wait to start buying gear until you know exactly what you need – directly from the guides mouth.

I had decided to spend a few extra days in Juneau both before and after our hunt. Keegan suggested the Goldbelt Hotel, so I made reservations. The room set me back another $180 or so per night. I made airline tickets via and another $1800 later, I was that much closer to my trip of a lifetime. Would this trip be worth the $10,000+ that I had committed to it? Time would tell.

I’ve uploaded a bunch of my photos from Alaska. You can also check out the day by day of this trip on the following pages:

Day 1 -   Travelling to Juneau 

Day 2 -   Mount Roberts Tramway

Day 3 -   Alaska Zipline Adventures

Day 4 -   Boat Harbor - Our Bear Hunt Anchorage

Day 5 -   1st Day Archery Bear Hunting

Day 6 -   Took a Record Book Bear! Also, check my Bear Pictures

Day 7 -   Time with the Outfitter and His ‘Other’ Clients

Day 8 -   Catching Crabs (no,no,no) and Measuring Bears

Day 9 -   Fishing at Amalga Harbor

Day 10 - Taku Glacier Lodge

Day 11 - Fishing Amalga Harbor & Visiting Mendenhall Glacier

Day 12 - Skagway, AK & White Pass Railroad

Day 13 - Douglas Island & Fishing by DIPAC Salmon Hatchery

This trip to Alaska was an awesome experience for Caleb (my 12 year old son) and I. We both had a blast and can’t wait for our next great father/son hunting and fishing trip together. Hunting spring Coastal Black Bears in Alaska with my bow and Caleb and Chad was a blast. I would definitely do it again and I’d use Keegan McCarty of Ocean Point Adventures. In fact, I’m considering booking a Fall 2008 hunt with him.

Day 6 in Alaska - June 1, 2007

Day 6 in Alaska - June 1, 2007


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