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hard working guideRemember, whenever you are researching guides and outfitters, that just because a guide did or didn’t work well for someone else, it doesn’t mean it will be the same for you. Before you make a decision on a guide you need to first decide what YOUR specific needs are. I’ve put some tips for doing this on my Guides page. There are even more ideas on my guide blog. Good luck in your search!

To date I’ve had several good experiences with guides. Here are some ideas:

Paddefish in Missouri

My friend Jeff and I spent a great day of paddlefish snagging with Anthony on the Osage river. To read about this day of fishing, visit this page: PADDLEFISH ON THE OSAGE RIVER, MISSOURI – APRIL 2007

Anthony Ford
801 Kennedy
Warsaw, Missouri 65355

Cabellas Outdoor Adventures

I was very nervous about my first outfitted hunt. I wanted to take my 12 year old son along as an observer as I hunted bear. I had procrastinated and started looking for an outfitter just a couple months before most Spring bear seasons opened. I hoped that both of us would be able to fish daily, plus have plenty of time for bear hunting. I didn’t want to take my first bear over bait, so I had decided a spot and stalk was what I needed. I also wanted fairly simple transportation arrangements. I was hoping to have the outfitter pick me up directly from the airport.

I didn’t know where I wanted to hunt, just some of the basic parameters. I didn’t know what to expect from a guide or outfitter. I didn’t know what a trip like I was looking for should cost. How would I find an outfitter that would be comfortable with my 12 year old son tagging along?

I decided to turn to some professionals for help. I contacted Travis Baker of Cabellas Outoor Adventures and told him basically what I was looking for. He then sent me a couple of good suggestions. Both were for coastal black bears. One was an outfitter in British Columbia which sounded pretty good and was the least expensive of the two alternatives. The drawback was that there would be limited fishing opportunity.

The other suggestion was for an Alaskan boat hunt. We would sleep on boats, fish each day, eat fresh fish and crab daily, and have an opportunity for BIG bears in some of Alaska’s most remote and difficult to access areas. It would cost plenty, but it certainly sounded like the hunt of a lifetime. To top it all off, our guide would pick us up – just like I had hoped.

After spending about 24 hours mulling it over, I took the proverbial leap of faith and sent Cabellas full payment for the hunt (to the tune of $7100.00). Normally, you would just pay a deposit, however I had waited so long to book, the full price was due at once. I put the payment on a credit card, and as it turned out this was a great decision. Find out why at my blog post entitled: Cabellas Rewards Really Rock

Cabellas role in this process was close to over. Travis answered a few more questions for me on what to expect and then put me in touch with the outfitter. He sent me a list of the gear I would need, a liability release that I had to sign and return to him, and a diagram on bear shot placement (which I subsequently spent hours studying).

Cabellas Outdoor Adventures
(800) 346-8747
Checkout the Cabellas Outdoor Adventures site

Coastal Black Bears in Alaska

Cabellas set me up with this Coastal Black Bear hunt in Alaska. Nothing beats 7 days on a boat fishing and glassing for giant black bears. Read more about this hunt on my blog pages about archery hunting for black bear in Alaska! and on my Alaska Hunt Page.

Ocean Point Alaskan Adventures
Juneau, Alaska
Keegan McCarthy - guide
(907) 723-3006


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