15 October 2007

Take Your Kids Hunting During Missouri’s Youth Deer Season

Posted by Darrell under: Whitetail Deer; Missouri .

Caleb with his first deer taken at 100 yds with my 30/06 out of a treestand during the 06 Youth hunt.Last year, my son Caleb took his first deer during Missouri’s special youth season. Both of us are excited about this year’s season. My daughter is also considering hunting during Missouri’s youth hunt.

The season last for 2 days - October 27 & 28 2007, which is a Saturday and Sunday. Any legal hunting method is allowed, antler-point restrictions don’t apply, and one deer of any sex may be taken. Children must be between 6 and 15 years old to participate. The permit cost just $17 for residents of Missouri.

Plan now to take your children hunting this fall!

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Arthur Says:

15 October 2007 at 9:07 am.

The Youth Hunts are an excellent idea. I got to take my 15 yr old cousin out this year for her first one and we had a blast. The deer didn’t cooperate, but we still had a good time. She is addicted now and still hunting whenever she gets a chance.

Great photo of your son with the deer. Awesome!!!

deerPhD Says:

15 October 2007 at 1:51 pm.

Tell Caleb congrats for last year’s deer! I hope you two have a blast this year!

David Voyles Says:

15 October 2007 at 7:16 pm.

Tell Caleb and your daughter( unknown hunter– no name mentioned) good luck this year. License cost a bit more in Tennessee cause the different types required to hunt but I guess it goes to a good cause.

Crossbows Says:

1 September 2009 at 9:33 pm.

It’s a great bonding for families, the hunting events. It is making not only more fun, but teaching them in a little age. Teaching them to get into this sport might be with them for a long time.

Nice post!

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12 March 2010 at 2:49 pm.

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19 June 2010 at 3:43 pm.

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Cautious hunter Says:

7 October 2011 at 12:16 pm.

I think introducing youth to safe hunting is a definite necessity and I applaud your efforts!!! I think there are also many great organizations and foundations out there to help promote youth hunting. Parents — Please check out these organizations and their leaders before spending the money to join. For example, I checked out National Youth Hunting Association and found out some alarming information about their President and CEO (JACK MOORE): He should be NO role Model for kids. JACK MOORE has been cited in more than one state for illegal activity related to hunting. 
Public records show that he currently has a charge against him in the state of Missouri for:
Description: Pursuing/Taking/Killed/Possessed Or Disposed Of Wildlife Illegally {Misdemeanor A RSMo: 252.040 }
Date:  10/23/2010 Code:  3903000     Ticket Number:  278647
Additionally, public records for Montana (Park County Justice Court) reveal that he was convicted of “trespassing without permission” and as a result had game taken away by Montana Fish, Wildlife, & Parks. 
Again,  I think that organizations promoting youth hunting are great — but should be headed by someone with high moral standards, not by someone who uses illegal means to hunt.   What do you think? Who do you want as your childs role model?

Jack Moore Says:

19 October 2011 at 5:57 pm.

Cautious Hunter,

I will not hide from your malicious and statements. I will however, take advantage of this opportunity to educate you on your comments. In 2010 while bow hunting elk on national forest approximately 3 miles back in when I made a clean shot on a 6 x 6 bull. After the hit, the bull turned & ran approximately 50 yards, jumped over a fence onto private property and came to rest about 200 yards away. Knowing the property could be private I had a choice to make.
1. I’m miles back into the remote forest. No one will ever know. Cross the fence, field dress and pack out my trophy bull on my pack frame. No one will ever know.
2. Do the honest thing; Hike to the top of the mountain where I could get cell phone coverage, call the Montana Wildlife and Parks department, tell the truth, explain the situation and ask for their assistance in locating the landowner and handling the situation.

Rather than hide what had happened and attempt to pack out the bull, I chose option #2…be honest and contact Montana Wildlife and Parks and seek out the landowner. In speaking with the game department, they stated that I needed to immediately field dress and tag the animal. Since unseasonable temperatures had reached 87 degrees that day, if I didn’t immediately field dress the animal, I could receive a citation for not tagging my big game animal, and for “Wanton waste of wildlife” with fines up to $10,000. (“Under Montana law Section, it is illegal to waste any part of a game animal that is defined as suitable for food. For big game animals, all four quarters above the hock, including loin and backstrap, are considered suitable for food.” Montana State Code, Section 87-6-907 notes “Restitution for illegal killing, possession, or waste of trophy wildlife. (2) elk with at least six points on one antler, as defined by commission regulation, or any grizzly bear, $8,000;” plus court costs. )

I crossed the fence; field dressed and tagged the elk. I then hiked back to my truck and drove to what I believed was the gate to the 10,000 acre ranch that might own the property and proceeded to immediately explained to the owners what had happened. To quote the game officer who came to assist; “You have a valid license, valid season, animal, tag and equipment so by all rights, it’s a legal kill. However, since the elk came to rest on private property, it is up to them whether they let you keep it or not. Let me speak to them about it and see what we’re going to do.” When he came back, he said “They are not going to let you keep it as they do not condone hunting, so they are going to donate the elk to us and we’ll donate the meat to a local shelter. Unfortunately, I’m going to have to cite you for failure to obtain permission to cross onto private property to field dress and tag your animal. However, if you didn’t field dress it and tag it, it would’ve spoiled and you’d have gotten a citation for wonton waste of wildlife which would be much worse. I know it was a hard call to make knowing full well what the outcome might be, but you did the right thing by being honest and not trying to hide it, by contacting us and by notifying the land owner to resolve this. I appreciate your honesty when you could’ve easily hid the whole thing.” (If you’d like to speak to a witness who was there during the entire time, I’ll gladly provide the contact information when you call me.) I could have just let it lay there for the wolves. I could have tried to pack it out without anyone ever knowing. It was a call to make…but it wasn’t a hard call, it was the right thing to do. If you knew me, you’d know that I am a man of word and integrity and regardless of the fact that no one was watching me 3 miles back in…I knew the call I needed to make and I did so. Also of note is that in my opinion, it would’ve been very immoral and unethical to let a beautiful 6 x 6 bull elk, the largest I have ever harvested, rot and go to waste simply because I was trying to avoid the situation. I appreciate the game and the experience that God had provided to me and gave thanks for it, even though I didn’t get to keep my bull.

Interestingly enough, I’ve told this very incident to my own son and many other kids – using it as an opportunity to educate them that even though something similar may happen to them some day, that they need to be honest, call their game officer for assistance and notify the landowner immediately even if that means you don’t get to keep your game animal. It’s simply the right thing to do.

As for Missouri; In the fall of last year, I went to Wal-Mart to purchase hunting supplies and obtain my ‘Landowner tags’ where I always get them. I told the young clerk behind the sporting goods counter that I would like land owner tags for my 55 acres of private property in Missouri, and I wanted to purchase all the items I had on the counter. After 15 minutes of trying to figure out how to print the roll of landowner tags, the frustrate clerk finally printed out a 6 foot roll of tags. In the state of Missouri, land owners receive the following: Qualifying resident landowners and lessees who have at least 5 acres, and all members of their immediate household age 6 or older, may each receive:
• 1 Landowner Fall Firearms Turkey Hunting Permit
• 1 Landowner Firearms Any-Deer Hunting Permit
• 1 Landowner Archer’s Hunting Permit ( 2 archery deer plus 2 archery turkey)
• 2 Landowner Archery Antlerless Deer Hunting Permits, depending on county availability.
Qualifying resident landowners and lessees who have 75 or more acres located in a single county or at least 75 continuous acres bisected by a county boundary, and all members of their immediate household age 6 or older, may each receive:
• All of the landowner permits listed above and
• Up to 2 Resident Landowner Firearms Antlerless Deer Hunting Permits, depending on county availability.

The clerk apologized for the wait, noting that he had not been fully trained on how to run the license machine then folded up the 6 foot string of tags and placed them in my Wal-Mart bag along with the items I had purchased. When I got to my truck, I placed them in the glove box where they remained for the season. Since I was too busy focusing on taking NYHA fall youth hunting activities going on in multiple states, I didn’t have the opportunity to get out and do much hunting myself. When the MO Conservation officer showed up at my residence this spring, he inquired as to how many acres of property that I owned. I explained that I owned approximately 55 acres. He then asked me if I was aware of the fact that I had received 2 extra tags last fall when I got them at Wal-Mart, and the 2 extra tags were for landowners with more than 75 acres. I had no idea the clerk had printed 2 extra tags, and in fact, threw them all out as I didn’t fill them or use them since I had little time to hunt. I then told him I’d be more than happy to pay for them even though I didn’t use them. He then explained that since it was last years’ tags, they could not be paid for and he would have to write me a citation.

Obviously with 8 tags for my property, I didn’t need, want or ask for 2 extra tags, nor did I use them. However, since the state of Missouri didn’t have a state wildlife statue code for “Landowner received 2 extra tags printed out by an untrained ex-Wal-Mart employee when trying to figure out how to print land owner licenses” it apparently defaults to the current code. As you can clearly see, I do not “use illegal means to hunt” as you’ve falsely accused me of. Not exactly the same thing now is it?

As for your statements about parents spending their money to join their kids into a national organization of youth who care about hunting, shooting sports and conservation;

Since founding the NYHA to help youth and preserve and promote the future of hunting, shooting sports and conservation, I have never received a dime in salary or compensation for my thousands of hours of blood, sweat and hard work to make a positive impact on youth our nation. In fact, not member of my staff within our organization has ever taken a dime in salary or compensation of any kind. We are 100% volunteers. How many national organizations that you know of can claim this level of efficiency where 100% of all youth membership fees and ALL revenue goes directly toward delivering our mission and benefitting our youth and the public we serve? So, let me make this clear; 100% of the revenue received from these parents (and all sources) goes DIRECTLY and ONLY toward benefitting their child and thousands more who are not as fortunate to have the opportunities we can provide to them that they may not have otherwise.

Without knowing the truth or the real facts, or taking the time and “one Hunter to another Hunter unwritten code of ethics that most of us hunters adhere to”… consideration to call me or take it up with me to find out, you go to all the trouble of creating an anonymous name and email address of “Cautious Hunter”. You hide behind this name so that no one knows who you are…then go around the internet forums and post your vindictive, malicious accusations; write letters anonymously to magazine editors, without direct knowledge of the facts, or the thoughtful consideration that your negative comments could potentially impact the Corporation, our business and most importantly, the thousands of youth whose lives we make a positive impact upon because we care enough to do our best for this organization with NO pay or compensation!!! You post my name directly in big capital letters so the whole world knows who I am, yet you hide behind the anonymous name “Cautious hunter”. What ethics and standards do you have? Have you neither respect nor the brass tacks it takes to call or inquire with me directly and find out the true facts before spouting off with things that could potentially negatively impact kids? (Also of note here is that, as an Officer of the nonprofit Corporation, I report to the Board of Directors, as does every position including the Executive Director. If you have an issue with me or anyone on my staff, you should directly contact the Board as it is their role within this quality organization to address any such issues or concerns. That is how we maintain quality service. This is how a 501c3 Public Charity nonprofit Corporation operates. Also of note here is that the Board of Directors all have full details of both above mentioned things and completely agree with my ethics and honesty.)

With that, I call you out Cautious Hunter. I challenge you to show some ethics and;
1. Call me directly and/or meet with me face to face. Not because I want revenge. I’m not that way as it doesn’t lead to anything good. I would like to simply understand your way of thinking and how you think your actions are productive, when you failed to obtain the facts before speaking, writing or accusing.
2. Muster up some integrity and post your full real name here instead of hiding who you are from the public under the name “Cautious Hunter”

You, Cautious Hunter, are what we refer to as “Part of the problem”, not part of the solution. Now, I have a nationally focused nonprofit corporation to run and I would much rather spend my time focusing on how we can better serve our youth and deliver our mission, than searching for and responding to your negative, derogatory comments posted around the internet. So, instead of posting these comments, how about you call me and ask “How can I help?” so that I can get back to doing good in this world?

Jack W. Moore – Founder and President of the NYHA

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